Have you ever had better things to do than to GPS windblow or ground prep?

Ever thought GPSing windblow was just downright dangerous?

Ever been cutting and found a dangerous limb you didn't see from the ground?

Ever come off site with all your gps points and found it doesn't look right?

Have you ever had a disagreement about a final measure of something?

Ever had to do a forest plan but you're not quite sure the current map is accurate?



If so, drones can be a really useful solution. I can help you integrate drones into your forestry business, whether you would like me to capture the imagery for you or to capture it yourself. I can make getting started easier and more efficient. 

I have been using drones specifically for forestry for 2 and a half years after starting my career as a forest manager. I can successfully and safely survey over 250 ha of mature forest and over 350ha of new planting in a day (site conditions allowing). 

I can do this for you and even provide shapefiles interpreted from the result. Or if you prefer, once you have your PfCO you can sign up for my +F course where I'll show you everything I've learned so you can make the most of your drone sooner. 

Forest survey

Ground preparation reports

Geo Services

Windblow surveys


Drone Courses and Consultation

Aerial photography for reporting

Can't see the service you're looking for? Give me a call to discuss the possibilities 

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A picture is worth a thousand GPS points

Stephanie Sutherland BSc (Hons) For



07388 038512

Based in Falkirk, Scotland.


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