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If you're looking into drones for your business, please get in contact to arrange a consultation day. On the day I'll be happy to visit your office and discuss how drones can help your business, whether you operate them or hire a third party. 


Goshawk's +F drone course is the only one made exclusively for the forestry sector. If you've already got your PfCO, you can join the 2 day +F course. We'll cover:

Day 1

Regulations recap and how this applies in a forest

Flight efficiency and effectiveness

Risk assessment and planning

A brief overview of lidar and why I think it's uses for drones in forestry are currently limited by VLOS    

Available apps and reviews

Day 2

Useful extra gear

Map/orthomosaic stitching solutions

Photography and videography basics 

Other techniques 

Practice flight (weather permitting)​, otherwise 

The cost of the course is £400 + VAT. 

Please get in touch to find out when the next available course is


Why this course?

After 30 months operating as a forestry specialised drone imagery company in Scotland I've learned a lot about flying drones in such a comparatively difficult environment. I've also learned that drones are just flying cameras. To get the best out of them, you need to know how to get the most out of a camera and the resulting photos. Like most foresters, I was not a photographer so I had a lot to learn.


This course is designed to pass the knowledge I've gained through trial and error and hours upon hours of self learning on and make the learning curve for drone operation in forestry a bit less steep for other forestry professionals so you can get great data, faster. 

With this course, you will get a fast track answer on all the questions I had to start with:

  1. which drone should I get?

  2. how many batteries do I need?

  3. where do I stand to make sure I can keep within the VLOS (visual line of sight) rule?

  4. how do I evidence that I'm flying within the regulations and therefore stay insured

  5. how do I make my photo's look good?

  6. which 3rd party engine do I use to stitch my mapping photo's and how to make sure they stitch successfully?

  7. what if I can't map the bit I need due to VLOS?


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