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Let Goshawk take the stress out of stitching images from your flights by sending the images to us to stitch. Our software is the best we've found at stitching dense trees and undulating terrain as well as the easy stuff. Comparative samples can be found here.

Reasons for switching to Goshawk Geo services:

  • If you're on a cheaper subscription to an orthomosaic stitching solution and you get those weird looking edges between the flights, send the imagery to Goshawk and we'll stitch it all into one image. 

  • If you've flown a forest and you can see holes in the image or parts where the image really doesn't look right - send it to us and we've had success where other solutions have failed

  • If you got your stitch back and it wasn't right because nobody had checked it before sending it back to you - send it to us, we check all images are right before sending them back

Send us the imagery any way that is most convenient to you and we'll send it back the same way. Even by post if you prefer. Just fill in the form below and we'll get right back to you to solve your problem

Too busy to produce shapefiles?

Leave the shapefile creation to us. We've got the software and the expertise to identify what you'll commonly be interested in on your aerial imagery

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